Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy for Neck Pain

Neck Treatment With Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy

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Stop Suffering From Chronic Neck Pain with Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy

There are many reasons why you might experience neck pain. Bad posture, sleeping the wrong way the night before or overuse are the most common causes. In some cases, extreme neck pain can cause migraines and headaches. If you are experiencing soreness and stiffness in your neck for 3 or more days, seek medical assistance immediately. Call Align Medical and Chiropractic to see if Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy will work for you.

  • Cheaper than your deductible for surgery
  • 15 minute, in house procedure
  • 100% effective – regenerates tissue


Neck Pain Relief

Watch This Informative Video Before Setting Your Appointment

Why Amniotic Stem Cells?

Rebuilds Cartilage

Activate New Tissue Growth

Contains no narcotics

All Natural

There’s No Need for Surgery

Avoid Neck Surgery With Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy

What You Can Gain From Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy

Amniotic stem cell treatments eliminate the need for over the counter pain relievers, narcotics and even surgery. Receiving treatment not only provides pain relief, but the amniotic cells are capable of permanently repairing tissues and other cells that may be damaged in your body. Injecting amniotic stem cells for neck pain is a quick, safe and very effective process.There is no need to suffer from neck for another day. Schedule your appointment today!

Neck Pain Relief

Medical Center in Surprise, AZ

You can expect a family friendly environment with experienced doctors and experienced medical staff when you visit the Align Medical and Chiropractic in Surprise, Arizona,. We help our patients recover quickly using the latest technology in techniques and treatments. We customize our treatments and recovery plans for neck pain specific to the symptoms you are experiencing.

Your First Appointment with Align Medical and Chiropractic

Please watch the informative video above on this page if you have not yet. Before scheduling an appointment for amniotic stem cell therapy, we must first determine if you are a candidate for the treatment. Call (623) 229-6193 to schedule your initial consultation now. Gain your pain-free life once again with Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy now!